Abdominal complaints vary from person to person. A large number of these complaints due to excessive weight or after giving birth Nov get weaker and sagging of the skin. In such cases, the results will not provide exercise or diet. Plastic surgery comes to mind at this point. Who is Suitable For Abdomen Lifting Surgery ? Birth or excessive weight loss results, a preferred operation in patients with problems. In this operation along with repair of tissue takes place Nov stubborn fat under the skin and then more sagging skin is removed by surgical methods. Again, continuing the patient’s waist circumference as a complementary application to the area if there is a problem, liposuction is applied to this region also. Time Of Abdomen Lifting Surgery Operation of full-fledged on average 1.5 -2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital. The patient may be discharged after a 1 night stay in the hospital. Scars of a cesarean scar is a form of stretched out in either direction. These tracks are great and evolving idea into a bikini. Also, the belly button is also re-done because there are traces in the belly button. After the surgery the scars will decrease quickly in time. Thanks to the developing technology, post-operative pain and gait disturbance is the minimum level of. You can return to normal life after a week sick. It is recommended to use for 6-8 weeks after surgery abdominal girdle. Not unlike the use of the corset would affect daily life style, relaxing and safe. Again, the use of the corset is terminated after the person can make the sport actively.

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