Beard And Mustache Transplantation

The Beard and Mustache Transplantation Procedure Like the hair transplantation procedure, FUE technique is used on beard and mustache transplantation. In other words, hairs are extracted from donor area and transplanted to the necessary mustache and beard area. To whom it could be applied? It could be applied to any men unless they are under medication or have heavy disease. Is it Painful Operation? You will not feel pain because it is applied under local anesthesia. Does the appearance of transplanted beard and mustache look natural? As the procedure is applied to thicken and increase density of beard and mustache without changing their natural structure, results are always looks completely natural. Are all the transplanted hairs would be effective? It depends on the skin’s ability to hold the transplanted hair. Some hair may fall in time, while others hold on to skin. However, majority of the transplanted hair hold on to skin and the procedure give very successful results. What should be considered before the procedure? We recommend that prior to the hair transplant procedure, medicines as blood thinners and tobacco products should not be used as those may have negative impact on the procedure. What should be considered after the procedure? After the beard and mustache transplantation, the application area should not be washed. In addition, chemicals such as perfumes, aftershave lotions etc. should not be used. As the application would be sensitive, beards and mustache should not be trimmed before the recovery period is completed. Does transplanted hairs grow? Yes, they grow normally like other hairs. The transplanted hairs have alive and active hair follicles, thus maintaining their vitality in the skin layer. Can I shave my growing hairs after the operation? There is no difference of the transplanted beard and mustache with natural ones; therefore, you may shave normally after the recovery period is completed.

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