Breast Augmentation

Nowadays, thanks to the successful development of plastic surgery and breast implants are on the subject, it is possible to obtain more natural images. Small tits underwear with you to make you feel awkward or confusing and you won’t need to raise it with other materials and only a short 1 hour after operation, all these problems will disappear. Breast augmentation, nowadays, the most frequent plastic surgery began to take place. Silicion İmplant Election You can trust your doctor in this election. About the suitability of the selected silicone will not act in a loving way, and in consultation with your doctor to get information about the appropriate prosthesis will be the right decision. Your doctor, and natural selection of the implant that fit your body will make stops in the most accurate way. Before surgery, your medical condition will be assessed and the operation technique according to your body structure most suitable to the person and will be decided on silicone. Silicones, differ according to their size and shape. As an example, drop or round shaped, rough (textured) or plain (smooth) surface. They can be countered in different sizes and different profiles. The implant used prior to surgery in which the person to decide a person’s entire body measurements and a detailed analysis should be made during the analysis as a whole is evaluated. Location Area Of Breast Denture Silicone implants can be placed from 3 different areas on the chest. In the crease under the breasts, nipple or under the arm, a ring can be placed. Here the patient and doctor will decide together the most appropriate zone would be where surgery. In terms of the region where the silicone is placed directly under the breast tissue, Nov six and the binary plan of tissue (dual plane) can be divided into 3. Breast implants will be placed where the person’s chest to the area of the structure, the characteristics of the skin of the breast, sagging in the breasts are implemented according to the condition evaluated. Surgery And After Full-fledged is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital. Is there a surgery that lasted approximately 1 hour. Wearing Sports Bra after the surgery. Then the person may be discharged 5-6 hours after the surgery. There will be mild pain for 2-3 days after surgery. But this pain can be controlled with pain relievers and does not affect normal daily life.

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