Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant Why Eyebrow Transplantation? The Eyebrow Transplantation is applied to give aesthetic appearance to thinned or lost eye brows due to some diseases or drug treatments. Therefore, aesthetical concerns are eliminated. Does It Gives A Natural Look? Brow transplantation is applied on the spare parts in between the natural hairs, if a patient has them. Otherwise if patient’s eyebrows have completely lost, then doctor identify a natural brow line and hair transplantation is made on it with natural density. Therefore, the eyebrow transplantation creates natural look. How Eyebrow Transplantation Is Applied? Eyebrow Transplantation is applied with FUE method, which means; First, a local anesthetic is applied to patient (to the donor and bald areas). While waiting for local anesthesia to show the effect, patient’s photos are taken so that the effectiveness of operation can be clearly seen on before-after pictures. Then the healthy hair roots are extracted from the donor area. Due to the suitable hair structure, the donor area is often back of the neck. Finally extracted hairs are transplanted to the eyebrows. Who are suitable for Eyebrow Transplantation? It could be applied to anyone except the ones who pregnant, breastfeeding or under medical treatment, as the procedure is applied with local anesthesia. It is important to inform doctor about any medication that currently in use and past medical conditions prior to procedure. What are the post-care procedures? After the eyebrow transplantation, water and chemical substances should not be touched to application area. Due to Natural Aging Process, Could Eyebrows Go Grey? The roots of the transplanted eyebrows are taken from the patient and alive. They have no difference with your natural hair. Therefore, the hair greying is all about the patient’s natural aging process. Could Transplanted Eyebrows Be Dyed? Yes, like your natural eyebrows, transplanted eyebrows can be dyed with non-chemical semi-permanent dyes.

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