Face Lift

What Should Be A Remarkable Face? Facial lines are clear, sharp cheekbones and plump cheeks to be smooth and taut at the same time, the surface of the skin lets you appear younger than of the fact that it was quite remarkable. Who Is Eligible For Face Lift Surgery? Aging or the signs of aging are starting to show elastic fibers in the skin that begins to decrease and the fat tissue weakens. In this case, wrinkles and deep creases in the facial area occur. These complaints began to consult a specialist when required. Face lift surgery, the goal is to bring harmony again face a tense face more than the old. Integrated Methods With A Facelift Face lift surgery, face wrinkles and deep lines are made in the area of aging in order to eliminate method. A facelift should not be considered, but never alone. Integrated methods may produce better results when performed in conjunction with a facelift. Among these methods; Forehead Extension Brow Raise Neck Extension Midface Extension Such as Fat Injections are countable. Facelift Surgery Stage Face lift surgery takes about 2 hours. At the end you may be discharged after resting for 4-5 hours of operation. Swelling and bruising are likely to be for 3-4 days after surgery. At the end of this period you can easily return to your normal daily life. Facelift Operation Wthout Surgery After face lift surgery will become 10-15 years younger, and you will be able to achieve the desired look. But the surgery avoid of sagging skin at an early age and so are less of a problem in cases where the methods which will make the skin more youthful and taut, of course, are available. Among these methods; With Radiofrequency With Thermal Energy With Filling Materials With make Ultrasound Energy are countable

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