Hair Transplantation With PRP

Many treatment method using PRP Treatment, of operations accelerates the healing process. Skin therapy, PRP used in orthopedic treatment, and accelerates the hair growth period is used in hair transplant operations. PRP-assisted hair transplantation with the fue method the wounds heal more quickly made and more quickly hair take off. PRP hair regrowth for up to 12 months in total growing period decreases with the duration of 7-8 months assisted fue method. PRP With FUE Hair Transplantation Treatment; Trackless hair faster and in a way healing the root zone, Imported keep it alive for a long time without damage to the hair follicles, Lifeless and thin the hair strands elongation, thickening and vibrant appearance to regain, After hair transplant, the transplanted hair not to spill any of it contributes to a great extent.

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