Rhinoplasty are among the most popular cosmetic operations. The aesthetic appearance of the nose is the most conspicuous organ of the face which is quite important. Even without meaning to people at the time they first met the first part is the nose that attracts their attention. Methods Of Rhinoplasty First the nose and transported to the lungs from the air we breathe, in the meantime, problems that occur may be at a level that can affect all the organs of the person. The air that normally goes through trekea of the two sides of the nose, called the trachea and the right lung with the air that goes through the right nostril connects most likely, the lungs of the air that goes through the left nostril goes to the left. Nasal congestion that occurs over time, will cause problems in organs such as the heart and lungs. What Is The Appropriate Age About Rhinoplasty? Facial development is completed at the age of 18. For this reason, generally it is not recommended that the nose be made before the age of. However, if there are severe medical circumstances that will seriously affect the nose, nasal surgery can be taken much earlier. Varieties Of Rhinoplasty Be about open and close divided into 2. Open Rhinoplasty Lip with the tip of the nose by taking a small cut from the region between the beginning method. Bone protrusions and forming the tip of the nose are treated with this method. Close Rhinoplasty The method is done with an incision from the inside of the nose. There is no any trace in the nose.

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